A new format to communicate your value add


We help and train our clients by providing content and structure to their sales strategy and execution, by mapping our client’s added value to their customers’ needs

The ValueMap Company advises clients in the IT market on both the supply side (IT vendors and service providers) as well as the demand side (CIO’s and other IT decision makers).

Line of business management, in addition to the IT department, continues to be an important buying centre. Even in companies that use a centralized model for IT, executives with business and/or strategy backgrounds often play major roles in buying decisions. For major business applications, it’s common for business buyers and IT to both play a major role, with the impetus for new solutions increasingly coming from the business. Both the CIO office and IT vendors are confronted with new stakeholders and changed expectations.

The ValueMap Company depicts IT strategies starting from a business point of view. By mapping business needs to IT requirements and/or functionalities we support today’s executive agenda of CIO’s and IT vendors.

For IT management, the ValueMap is a strong instrument to determine the added value of IT for the organization. It is a comprehensive and practical methodology to map how IT could support the company in reaching its strategic objectives. Due to its presentation format the ValueMap is an excellent support to start internal discussions.
Our service for CIO’s

For IT sales teams, the ValueMap methodology provides a strong framework to deeply study their customer and formulate their proposition around the customer’s needs and the largest value add. Due to its presentation format the ValueMap is also a comprehensive and impactful sales tool and marketing instrument.
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